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Could You Fathom Not Growing Up Together?


Free Spirit
Staff member
It would be hard if you knew about them but if you didn't I doubt you would think about it. I think its great that they got back together after all those years. Now they can get to know each other and bond.

I wonder how many kids out there were adopted out and never will know their siblings. Maybe its not possible all the time but I think there should be a effort made to home them together.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think it would be very strange meeting a long lost sibling that you never knew about. To be honest, I'm not sure I would even go too far out of my way to meet them. At that point, they are just some stranger who happens to share some of your DNA.


Registered Member
I have a half-brother I have never met. He is my Dad's son from his first marriage. I found out about him when I was about 8 or 9, and for a few years I wondered what he was like and if we would get on, more out of curiosity than anything. Now, and this may sound weird to some, but I am not too bothered if I ever meet him. I have lived this long without him in my life and know no different. I know it is slightly different to a full sibling, but we still share some DNA, but that is our only link.


Registered Member
I guess if I had already known my siblings,grown up with them for a time and then split up from them, yeah that would bother me.
Growing up not knowing you had a sibling at all, well if you didn't know about it would have no effect on you,until the day you did find out.

I can only guess at what kind of emotions would go through you in that situation,to suddenly find out you had a grown sibling you didn't know existed.

As for being split up from siblings you do know and growing up separately, it happened to one of the kids I was at school with, his brother was taken into care when he was six, I don't know the full details.

They didn't see each other for over ten years,and when they did they were like chalk and cheese,they had no common ground on which to base a family relationship.
They grew up in different homes and areas, and as far as I know they still don't speak to this day.


Registered Member
I honestly could not imagine how I would feel if I were to discover I had a sibling that I never knew about, I think at the very least I would be curious about them.

If I had lost contact with the brother and sister I do have when we were younger and then found each other again years and years later I would be sad for all the time we had lost and all the memories that we could never share, If they had children that I was meeting for the first time then I would feel really bad about not being there for any of the big moments of their childhood.


Son of Liberty
My grandfather was given to his uncle and aunt when he was a baby because they couldn't conceive and thus raised alone, apart from his siblings. Back then travel isn't what it is now and he rarely saw them. As they aged they drew closer but it was something that always hurt him. I can't imagine growing apart from my sibling and if I knew I had a sibling out there I would want to meet him/her and get to know them.


Ms. Malone
I'm not very close to either of my brothers, so I could deal without them; but if I had a long lost sibling I'd be curious about them.