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Could You Do It??


Registered Member
I think everyone should be familiar with the movie When Harry Met Sally, starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal~
Get to the restaurant scene, Meg Ryan does her stunning performance in public, showing Billy Crystal how she perfectly faked all the orgasms he had thought she had.....well....indeed felt ~LoL~
The whole scene is hilarious...she pours on the acting, he is embarrassed, people all over the restaurant are looking and not knowing what to do...and Billy Crystal is begging Meg Ryan to please stop.
My question...ladies...could YOU do that do a man who had done you wrong??
Embarrass his ass in public like that??
Or would you be too afraid to draw attention to yourself??
Men...what would you do if your girl did something like that to you in public??
As for me....I think I could do as good a job as Meg did *smiles*
And I would do it!


Survived a M&G with Trent
That is my all-time FAVORITE movie. :D

However, I don't think I could. Especially not if it was faking an orgasm. :lol:


Lion Rampant
a) I can't imagine not knowing that a partner was faking. Sexual moans can be easily simulated, but not the tremors of ecstasy.

b) I know what I'm doing. If she wasn't getting off, I'd have to assume that there was something wrong with her.

c) Shouted at top of lungs: "Fifty dollars?! Have you been smoking crack? I can get a pretty one for that!"