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Lets say you meet this girl, and you start seeing eachother, but she has different religious beliefs as you do, its the total opposite, would you keep seeing in this girl, or you think you'd have to stop?
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The OP really could say "Could you date somebody with different religious beliefs" and it would be the same thing for most people.

I mean, I know there are a few Mormons here who would probably say yes easily to the OP, but might say no if it was another religion. Who knows.


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If by strong religious beliefs you mean that she's going to drag me to church every day and ask me why I don't believe in Jesus and then run screaming into the living one day saying, "LOOK! THE VIRGIN MARY IS ON MY POP-TART!"

Yeah, definitely no. Someone with a high amount of religious baggage is very unattractive.


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It seems odd that you only single out Mormons, unless you plan to do similar threads for all sorts of other religions (which seems like overkill).


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lol haha, my mate said this to me once, except it was a pie. I picked up the pie and through it in his face, it was a very slapstick comedic moment.

And im with Cons here too, theres no way i could see a girl that has the opposite beliefs to me...It wouldn't bother me if she wasn't completely opposite and didn't try to force me to go to church or try and convert me. If she was religious and her beliefs were her own and no one elses thats fine.
I suppose... completely opposite of Buddhism would be something like.. a committed bigot who practices intolerance and hate. So no, I probably couldn't. I dated a very christian girl for a while, though. Didn't work out, but that was neither here or there, I guess..

Would I date someone who doesn't care about religion, philosophy or beliefs... yes. I have more trouble with people who have superstitions and seek the religious experience in... totems, or horoscopes, charms, and so on. That really gets me. (No wonder I'm single, I guess :p ).


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I couldn't date a guy with strong religious beliefs. I'm not religious, .. I think it would be hard for me to be understanding of their religious beliefs. It would probably even cause some arguments. Haha.
Someone said.. the key to happiness is spending time with people who are like you most of the time. Seems silly to me. ..But then again.. despising the same people was how I earned most of my friends until I was 18 or so :D

I know people who have split up because of political disagreements, though. That's kind of difficult to understand. When you're more or less having some sort of ethereal argument that doesn't really affect you as such. Maybe more likely it was a way of thinking, or some disappointment that did it, then.