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Could this be the truth of things to come?


Problematic Shitlord
I think it's nothing more than the cliched communist fears of the 50's reborn. This whole "the Chinese are coming!" bullshit.

Sure, spending your way out of debt is a ridiculously stupid idea. Taxing, I'm not so sure of, it can have it's positives if done right (which it usually isn't, such as my state which decided to vote down a proposition that would have lowered sales tax by 3% and they wonder why no one will continue to buy anything in Massachusetts). People are far too concerned with what they believe will or has taken place that they miss the current times. I like how they picked the healthcare stimulus package and not the even more ridiculous bailouts to pick on as targets for wasteful spending. It seems kind of stupid since both sides fucked that up (republicans wrote it, democrats enacted it) that they did not use that example.

Researching the lobbyist group that made the video, I was surprised to find they're fiscally conservative democrats, an uncommon combination indeed. I'm not sure I'm fond of their double standard of claiming to be some sort of grass-roots campaign while accepting donations from massive corporations (namely tobacco companies).


Formerly "Maikeru"
I think its pretty ironic to see a chinese representative to mock the taking over of the Government over private companies.

Its a good add and it holds some truth, but it could never be done by the Chinese.