Could somebody give me a tut for beginners...


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using GIMP?

I just started making sigs and I would like to learn how to make them better. I have only made one and it definetly could've been better.


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GIMP is an open source image editing program, I use it also because I'm poor and like open source software. I'd also like a nice tutorial on how to use any image editing program really. I'm horrible with it.


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Good grief, I only waited this long to see if Omega would actually post on here and help this dude. Well since I don't have GIMP I can't really help you with the program generally, BUT I can show you where you can get some really nice tuts for it;) Here is the link:

Just type in GIMP in the search box on the bottom and you should come up with pages of tuts last time I typed it in, which was just a couple of minutes ago^_^; I hope it helps you! I wish I could help you more but I use Photoshop CS2, I've never used GIMP in my life >.>;