Could Mavericks Fire Avery?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by StroShow, Apr 24, 2008.

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    The Dallas Morning News -
    If the Mavericks lose their first round series to the Hornets, as it appears they might, Mark Cuban might consider firing Head Coach Avery Johnson, according to the Dallas Morning News.

    Johnson wore his NBA Title ring, as did some of his coaching staff, to Game Two in an attempt to fire up some of his players.

    "It's just a form of camaraderie and, hopefully, a sense of motivation," Avery said. "But, I guess it didn't motivate tonight."

    Dallas has always had the talent, and now they have the point guard in Jason Kidd. However, the Mavericks have continued to struggle when it counts. Hence, the 0-2 hole against New Orleans

    RealGM: Wiretap Archives: Could Mavericks Fire Avery?

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    That's pretty ridiculous. Wasn't he coach of the year last year? I think more blame needs to be put on the players. They're getting paid millions and it doesn't matter if they under-perform.
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    Sam Mitchell won Coach of the year last season. Avery as always done in the Regular season and if the Mavericks lose in the first round this year this will be two years in a row that there first round exits..even if the players dont perform the coaches always gets blammed and Mark Cuban wont put up with failure.

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