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TV Could LOST have had a better ending?


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I’ll just get the obvious out of the way. This thread is going to have major spoilers throughout. If you haven’t seen LOST, you’re better off avoiding this thread entirely. No need to use the spoiler tag in here. You’ve been warned.

As for me, I didn’t mind the ending. A lot of people go on about how much they hated it, but I’ve not heard many people propose better endings that would tie up a similar amount of loose ends.

Sure, even the real ending left many stones unturned, but still, it brought a certain level of closure too.

Did you like the ending and if not, how would you have made it better?


I really enjoyed the ending. I thought it was great way to wrap up a pretty wild story. I'd probably rank it somewhere in my top 10 finales of all time. Which I am sure not many people would agree with. But I also love The Sopranos ending, so yeah, y'know. Haha.

This thread has made me want to re-watch the series again. Thanks a lot! Haha.


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I thought a thread like this may come up. I thought the ending was adequate despite not being the way I would have written it. Certainly it covered a lot of loose ends but it's not the way I would have written it. I'm not even complaining, I liked it, I'm talking about this since the question came up.

The whole thing in season 6 with drowning and then resurrecting Sayid and cleansing the evil from him seemed very strange. I also wasn't necessarily a big fan of the black smoke of the man in black storyline for the most part. They made Jacob look very weak in the process.

I would have written more of the story to be necessitated by scientifically explainable (well, sci-fi anyway) phenomena rather than erring on the supernatural side as they did in season 6. They could have made Dharma, or whatever organization that succeeded them, be a lot more involved in the happenings on the island. Most of the show honestly felt very sci-fi in seasons 1-5 with just a bit of supernatural (people seeing ghosts, Miles talking to dead people, etc.). Then in season 6 they went full supernatural and dropped the scientific feel.

I really liked some of the interesting philosophical questions the show indirectly asked, especially regarding John Locke or the pushing of the button in the Hatch. But I also appreciated the very creative Sci-fi (can anyone else say Daniel Faraday? lol)

Others may feel differently but that's my take.


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The ending made sense to me and it was fitting for the series. Was it the most satisfying ending? Nah.. but you're never going to make everyone happy, either.

I wouldn't have killed off as many characters at the end as the writers did. I would have liked to see most of the remaining survivors get to move on with their lives post-island that didn't get to. Jin and Sun especially.