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Costco vs Sam's Club


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If you have both in your area do you have either of these that you go to? Since they basically run the same way
do you think one is better still? Why? What do think about these 2 overall?


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Well I have only been to Sam's Club with a friend 2 or 3 times. So I can't compare it to Costco's. I can say that Sam's Club is a rarity and not easy to find. But the one that I went to I liked a lot. It was very big and had lots of things good quality and fairly priced.

I think within the last year or 2 they just built a Costco's near me and I want to see what it is like. I just wonder though whatwould happen if i just wanted to see what it is like and not get a membership.. How would I get in without one? Do they have something that will just let you look?


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In 1992 when I was working I had gotten a free membership through the company's benefits. I was not about buying in quantity. I had bought a music keyboard. But I returned it because I needed clothes more than I needed this. I used to go with my sister to Costco's picking up some items along the way. When I moved to Orange County in 1997 I joined Sam's Club to see if it was any different. I can't really explain why but I seem to enjoy Sam's Club better. I think it was because I was finding the items I wanted.

I purchased these durable acrylic colored cups. You can drop these on the floor and it will not break for anything. The only bad thing was that Sam's Club was further away than Costco's.

@Shooting_Palanx So you say that you have 2 new Costco's in Australia. Are you saying that these are the 2 newst ones in your area or are you saying that it is the 2 only in all of Australia? It costs $60 here also. But Sam's Club is cheaper by about $20.
Palanx question 2.. Have you been to any of these Costcos's store before? What do you think about it? If you haven't been there before are you thinking about going there to look?


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We go to Costco and like it. Its a good place to get toilet paper, tissues, trash bags, and paper towels so we stock up there. We saw a documentary once on how they choose what they sell and they're very picky, whatever they sell has to be the best. And I don't think we have ever been displeased with anything...