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costco insurance


not a plastic bag
I was just watching Jim Cramer on some late show. He said at Costco you can bring in your auto insurance bill and they will beat the price. How cool is that? I gotta try this.


Wanna play?
I've been selling insurance for over 6 years. If you bring me your policy, I can also beat the price. But, if you're involved in an accident, and at fault; because I've lowered your liabilty limits almost to the point of nonexistance you'll be handing over most of your paycheck along with your house and any retirement funds you plan to close out in the future. Not to me, but to the person who took you to court.
I can also raise your deductible so high that you'll practically be paying for your own repairs.
Sometimes cheaper is better, but when it comes to insurance ALWAYS know what your getting, make the agent go over everything line by line.
Also, make sure you know someone is going to be there for you when it comes to claims.


not a plastic bag
ahhh, I bet that's how they do it. I should have known, my wife worked in insurance for years. Sounded great at 1am.