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Cost vs. Convenience


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Today I learned an extremely valuable lesson. Unfortunately at the cost of one of my customers...

I was shipping a 1lb package to Canada for the first time. I do not know what the going rates are for shipping (or I should say I didn't know what they were). I printed out my shipping label from USPS.gov for Global somethingorothermail ... the cheapest that was listed on the site for printing a label through them. I quoted my customer 12.00USD per eBay's shipping calculator. There were five pages all together that printed all for customs n such through Canada (no big deal) but i still had to take it down to teh post office... and when they weighed the package it turned out to be 17.00USD...

Ok, my fault so I eat the difference. The head post lady was there and she was in shock and asked me if it was time sensitive material ... like food.. I said no... So after she's already pushed my little packaged down the chute thingie, she shows me a booklet on shipping rates.... I could have shipped any small packaged under 4lbs through LETTER POST for 4.40USD.

DOH! So, not only did I have to take it to the post office anyhow, I could have gotten it cheaper had I done it in the first place...


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Hi. I have had that happen the first time I shipped to Japan and London. They never tell you there is a cheaper way until after you have already paid. I don't know why they don't tell us that in the first place. But it happens to the best of once in a while. Now you have the prices for the next time.

Tip Save all the shipping labels that you get from your purchases it will help you figure out shipping cost. Especially if you ship out of the U.S.

Catch ya later............................. :warp:


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greenhappykat said:
Once I put $20 shipping on one of my items..and I shipped it for $6 and I still got a positive..haha..Made a nice $14 profit off shipping alone! Too bad for the buyer..:D! :lol:
Oh Green, That's just not right...I would have gotten a Neg for sure, but I guess I'm just not that lucky? or...hmmmm... nevermind.


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I have over charged for shipping a couple of times, each time I do, I refund the money, can't stand the guilt! Besides that, I am a big believer in kharma!


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angelspeak said:
I have over charged for shipping a couple of times, each time I do, I refund the money, can't stand the guilt! Besides that, I am a big believer in kharma!
I am the exact same way! LOL I always return anything overcharged in shipping.


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I always seem to undercharge for the shipping!! no big deal though... makes the customer happy


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Our Local Post Office is such a small town post office...the ladies in there are real nice and they always quote me all prices before I pay...but if I said I was shipping it priority...thats what I will do.....if they pay for parcel post...by Gosh thats what I will do too....lol