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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anjanesh, May 17, 2006.

  1. anjanesh

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    Where can I find a cost of living calculator for a particular city (in US or elsewhere) based on day-to-day expenses that I can feed into the form ?


  2. Mirage

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  3. anjanesh

    anjanesh New Member

    This compares one city to another and has a very basic search.
    Im looking for one where I can enter parameters for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner), veg/non-veg etc etc - day-to-day activities that we'll do and weekly activites, so that it calculate excatly what the minimum requirements is per month.
  4. Linda450

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    I think you won't be able to find one and if you do it won't be a good one. because you have to adjust costs according to your lifestyle.

    you can check online on the common services or products and put it into Excel sheet.
    For instants: housing, transportation, food, internet, TV, entertainments, etc....
    you will probable get a 90% of the "real" cost.

    Hope you will find it useful


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