Cosa Mi Racconta?


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If you dont know what that means its Italian for "whats up?"
just thought it might help me stand out a little
im new to the internet thing...i was stuck in the 20s (even though im 18)
but now its all i do and i needed something to do in my free time
my boy showed me this site, he said you guys were cool but he never got into it

I have a problem with using vulgar language...i may a few words slip...just a heads up


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Uei! (hey)
Scherzi! (your kidding) no one has welcomed you yet? What did you do usually there quick to say hello
So ill be the first but you alredy know who it is...this place is cool if you stick around...stay up bruh...3 up 3 down...Here's Looking at you, Kid:)


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Welcome. What does your username mean? A DJ name of some sort?


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Hola! I'll stick with that since I don't know italian or french or anything fun like that.

I've already seen you around a tiny bit, but I thought I would drop by and say hi!

Hope you are enjoying it around here and I hope you stick around!