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Advice Cornered


New Member
I am lost as to what to do. I currently owe over $7,000 in back child support. I have struggled with the debt for a very long time and have never been able to constantly pay when I had to. My financial situation has always been poor and I am struggling massively. Recently, I discovered a way to FINALLY be rid of this debt and to move along with my life. My son is now in the care of my mother, and he has everything he needs and could ever want (well taken care of). To pay off the debt I have found a fantastic job and a place to live....however it is in Canada. I have seen that if you owe more than $2,500 in back child support that you will be denied a passport. I have ALSO read that you can make payment arrangements and be allowed a passport.

My question is basically is this true and what can I do about it? I contacted the state agency about this and they said it was false information (though it said to speak to my case worker and I have not yet...talked to some random guy who didn't seem to know much of anything). I am awaiting a call from my case worker and I want to know what I can even say to the guy. I read directly off the U.S Department of State website about setting up an agreement...and he (random guy) said it was wrong. Do I have any hope of getting to Canada to finally take this job and end this debt??