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Corner shelf for baths in a chain of hotels


New Member
We are a chain of hotels and are going in for a large scale renovation of all the fittings. We have selected and finalized most of the fittings for the suites, lounges, bars, restaurants and kitchen but we have not yet been able to find an elegant and stylish shelf for soaps and other toiletries? Would someone suggest something new and attractive?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Hmm, you might be asking the wrong people. At least I have no idea what to recommend. Maybe some people here are into interior design ad can suggest something. If you wanted website advice I could help but actual bathroom design is another story!


Food Whore
I'm sure if you talked to the contractors/interior designers they could find something that would work.

The first thing you've got to realize is that you want something that matches with the interior of the shower. You don't just want to stick anything into the shower, because that would look tacky. Depending on the colors/materials you might want to look at different styles of shelves.

If i may inquire, what chain of hotels?