Corn Hole


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Have you ever played corn hole?

I am not sure if it is different from what you call it but this game is pretty awesome. It is where you throw a bean bag on a board and if you make it in the hole, you get three points and if you make it on the board, you get one point. I played it with some people tonight and it was pretty fun. From what I heard, the game is popular among college students.


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There are tons of simple games like that which become popular among college students lol. My age group has a way of turning even a simple game of X's and O's into a huge event.

Yes I've played this game, but we call it bag toss here. (Thats also what the banner ad calls it lol). My grandpa made his own homemade set lol. It's lots of fun to play with the family. I'm pretty good at it. And horseshoes as well.


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No I haven't played cornhole but but I saw a cornhole board earlier (a board with a hole and has the name printed on it) this year and couldn't understand what it was for. :lol: Do you play it using a specific board or do you improvise?


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Wow, cornhole? I've always known it as "bags" but I guess cornhole works too, lmao.

But yah, love this game. I prefer washers but this is a fun college game to play whilst drunk.


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I played this game many times when I was younger. I actually use to be good at it, because I was good at baseball at a very young age, so it was very easy for him to target a hole and get it in there. I haven't played in a couple of years though. Wouldn't mind playing this great game again though.