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Multi-Console Corded or wireless controllers?


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When given the choice, do you have a preference?

The 360 has corded and wireless controllers, unfortunately it only supports 2 corded (technically 3 actually) and so I have 2 corded controllers and two wireless.

The gamecube was another big console where players were given a choice. I never once went for the wireless wavebird controllers for this one. I don't want to have to worry about changing batteries. On top of that the rumble feature was removed from the controller to conserve battery life. I had to purchase a few 6ft extension cables for my gamecube controllers so I can sit far enough away from the TV, still prefer this over the wireless.

Generally I'd say that I very much prefer corded controllers. I don't like to sync controllers, I don't like to change batteries, and as long as the cable length is acceptable I'll be fine.

What do you prefer when given the choice?


Wireless, no question about it. Growing up with younger siblings and pets, I remember so many times that one or all of them would come running through wherever I was playing games and get caught on the controller cord, causing everything to come crashing down.

The great thing about the wireless PS3 controller is there is no need to change batteries. Seeing as I have two controllers now, I just keep one plugged in and use the other one. When that one's batteries get low, I switch. My controllers are never dying on me.


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I like corded controllers if the cord is quite long. The ones for my ps2 were really good. My PS3 has wireless, which I do like, but it is a pain in the arse having to charge them. Mine is 5 years old now and it needs charging at least once a day, sometimes twice, but the cord is way too short to use and charge if it is plugged in the console. Luckily it will charge off of my laptop, so if I am using it for PlayTV then it is fine as I am usually on my laptop when watching TV.


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I prefer cordless controllers with a charging base and lithium ion batteries. I hate having to replace AA batteries constantly. I also can't stand accidentally pulling my console off of the shelf because I got too excited or forgot my controller was in my lap.


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I prefer corded controllers because I am a forgetful person. I'd forget to charge or I'd forget where the batteries are. Also when it comes to online gaming there is no controller lag if you go corded. Those microseconds can be the difference between ending your kill streak or not.


Sally Twit
I have never used wireless, but I would definitely go with that option given the chance. I've pulled the controller out heaps of times when I've been getting comfy and started to pull it closer to me. Sometimes you forget it's plugged in.


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I much prefer corded/wired controllers. Unfortunately I still use my original Xbox 360 wireless controller, and it's a pain in the ass having to change batteries, even if they don't need to be changed often. I've had them die on me in the middle of games sometimes. I'm sure Danny can remember a few times in Halo where we were shooting each other and then all of a sudden I stop moving. :lol:

Wired controllers are just more convenient for me, and with the way I have my gaming area set up, the cord would not get in the way. I'll definitely be investing in a new wired controller soon.


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Cordless, what is life without it anyway? I literally haven't used a controller with a cord since I stopped playing PS2 and that was around 4 or 5 years ago. As someone mentioned in the thread, there is nothing worse than having someone run through the area you're playing in and pull the cords and everything goes to the shits.

The first cordless controller I used was X-Box 360's and that was a disaster because you couldn't walk in front of it otherwise it loses contact with the device so PS3's controller is heaven sent.


I love wireless controllers. I love the ease of charging the PS3 controller, they work with basically any USB cord which is awesome. When I had my old PS2 I bought a wireless controller for that too, that had a thing that plugged into the controller area. The last time I used corded controllers for a long time would have been Playstation 1.


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Wireless, for sure. My tv and xbox are actually too far away to be able to use a corded controller. I would have to sit too close for that, and I play on a somewhat big television, so I like to sit far away.

I do like having one of those charging cords to connect to the controller for when I'm watching Netflix, but I haven't used one in ages. I don't even know where it is. Dang cleaning lady.