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Cops assaulted as protest turns ugly.


Free Spirit
Staff member
A group of demonstrators was also videotaped marching through Murray Hill chanting, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!”

Two NYPD cops assaulted as Manhattan protests turn ugly - NY Daily News
Some demonstrators attacked two cops because they tried to prevent the protestors from throwing trash cans off an overpass on cops below. Plus some are calling for the death of cops.

Which I think is ridiculous if you are wanting change in the police dept. Violence towards cops will only cause them to use violence towards you. Won't win any sympathy for this cause either. These people and the trouble makers at Berkeley, or in any city, aren't helping anyone but themselves. They are just using this as an excuse to show their true colors. Probably will even make some think maybe police have a good reason to be aggressive. Its sad too because some cops can and do go too far.



Registered Member
Thats not a civilized protest and I think a lot of those protesters should be classified as terrorists. No way there should ever be violence in a legal protest.
Imo they need to call out the National Guard.