Coolest weapon in an anime?


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So what is the coolest weapon in an anime in your opinon? I really liked Sesshomaru's Tenseiga. I thought it was cool how it could bring back people who died and can protect the user which became really useful in the anime.


cloud strife's first tsurugi in advent children is awesome!!!
six swords that combine to a massive buster sword, yoohoo!!

ichimaru gin's sword in bleach is cool too, it can extend to massive lenghts

in case of swords, bigger IS better! (or you gotta have two katanas)

edit; oh you said weapons not just swords
i really like vincent valentines gun 'cerberus' too


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I noticed swords were mostly mentioned. I realized though most of the violent animes I watch have swords...or mechas (cant really count those as weapons)