Cool things I found....


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi and welcome to this thread .In here you can see and comment abought the
Cool things we find that nobody has bid on, or it's just plain cool. Like this.
Original Bat Computer From 1966

I find cool stuff like this all the time. Here is one more.

This is "Muffy" the original daggit from Battlestar Galactia
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I just saw an auction on E-BAY for the Grilled Cheese maker that made the famous Grilled Cheese Sandwich that bought!

Get Branded! Get PAID!


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O.......K....... Are you going to use this gun before or while wearing the straight jacket? ;)

My hubby wants a machine're both weird :lol:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Both :lol: . I just love my job..I get to look at cool things like this all day.I'm glad that you like this thread.BTW Nanner the same seller has them in small too.
I'm temted to get the medium one. :lol: Here is another cool find.

Batman Body Armor (New Movie)

Awesome Battman ring

Tatarang from Batman Forever

I would love to have them all. :D
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Batman in a straight jacket carrying a gun. Hmmmmm boys and their toys :lol: (a little kinky too)!

Had a bid on a car from Mr Toad's Wild ride at Disney World not too long ago....Max I could go was 5K and I was out bid.....My biggest Ebay disappointment....I REALLY wanted that!!!! Can't remember what it went for but it was thousands over what I could bid :(