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Awesome "cool" mouse (literally)


aka ginger warlock
Thermaltake Introduces the First Gaming Mouse with a Cooling Fan

Thermaltake has added a funky new feature to its Black Element gaming mouse, and if we were within two weeks of April Fools' Day, I'd label it a prank. It's a removable 6,000 RPM cooling fan that mounts on the front end. This one's for you, sweaty palms.

Officially, it's the Black Element Cyclone Edition, it's a 6500 DPI laser mouse, and it's the first gaming mouse to feature a cooling fan. It's slated to breeze in sometime in August for $80, and I can't decide if it's ridiculous or ridiculously awesome.

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I have never been a fan of fancy mice, on my laptop I have a track pad and on my base unit I have a seven pound mouse I picked almost ten years ago, hey, it works for me, but this things pretty damn cool even only for novelty value, it doesn't specify on the site how much the mouse costs in GBP but I may be splashing out for this :D


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Only a gamer would have this. It's really cool, but 80$? I could buy a new game and possibly a used game for that.


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Bleh, thats not much by gamer standards to be honest, its in the same region as most of the standard Razer mice.
I wouldnt buy one though. It looks to fragile, one decent knock and that fan looks to be coming off. Its probably not as bad as I'm thinking, but still.
Also the positioning of the fan looks silly to me anyway. If I'm playing a game where my hands get all sweaty, a draft down the back of my hand isn't really going to help too much - its my palms that need ventilating.


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When I first opened the thread and looked at the picture, I thought "Is the for the hand or the device itself?" It's pretty laughable that it's for the former, but I don't think it's a terrible idea for hardcore PC gamers. I know that when I did play WoW for a year or so I would have enjoyed having that for sure.


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Hahaha. :D As cool as it would be to get that as a gift, if I was spending my own money I'd rather buy a standard mouse and a table top fan!