>>Cool kids football game for .01 (includes shipping)


not a plastic bag
This is not meant to be spam or anything. Just wanted to pass this on as it's a great deal.
1 - Go to Kids Woot now: Woot® : One Day, One Deal?
They have a kick and pass football game. This should be great for birthday parties. It cost .01.
2 - Use the gift code : serendipity for $5 off.
3 - They will ship it to you for .01!

This is a real quick deal and if you're reading this 30 minutes from the time I posted it, you're too late.
And you can buy 3 for .03.
Urghh, I'm an idiot! I bought 1.
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not a plastic bag
Who wouldn't want this for a penny?:

When mine comes in and I'm having a kick ass time, I'm going to laugh at all you losers with your electronic video games.