Cool Cell Phone Ringtones and Sounds


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So what are some cool ringtones and sounds that you use for various things on your phone?

I always thought some videogame sound effects would be cool for things like "new text message", etc.

This site has some cool ones:

Legend of Zelda sound effects by HelpTheWretched

Here's a bunch of original Zelda sounds too:

This would be a sweet sound for "new text message" or other various quick alerts:

So, what types of ringtones and sounds do you prefer to use on your phone?
spammer alert!

err yeah anyway, I use vibrate. 'nuff said.

Though when I did use ringtones it was always a song from the phone's mp3 feature or one of the ones that came with the phone. I never had any of these sound things as alerts. My brother did all the time and some of them were pretty funny. My favourite was one he did himself from a voicemail my dad had sent him.. I can't really explain it but it was hilarious.


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I use vibrate to alert me to texts and calls or just one of the annoying jingles that came with my phone. *checks phone* Actually, at the moment I just have it set to beep at me.


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spammer alert!

err yeah anyway, I use vibrate. 'nuff said.
Same here....vibration ftw. :naughty:

I wish I could have some of those.. Verizon doesn't let you send ringtones to your phone anymore, just sounds.. I would've gotten Navi saying "Hey! Listen!" as my text message sound :lol:

My friend has the sounds from 24 as his message alert..
Oh, I like the 24 phone ring. If I can dowload it (without inviting spam on my phone) then I would.