PC Games Cook's Assistant Walkthrough



Diffaculty: easy
Length: Short
Requirements: none
Items Needed for this quest: egg, flour, and milk
Starting Point: Lumby Castle
How to start quest: talk to the Cook in Lumby Castle
Reward: 1 Quest point, 300 cooking exp, and access to the cooks private range, which lowers your chance of burning food on that range.


1.) Talk to the cook in lumby castle, and he will ask you to help him get ingredients for a cake for the dukes birthday: egg, flour, and milk

2.) Egg: there is a chicken farm by the cows across the river from the castle. pick one up there. if there isnt one there, wait a minute for it to respawn

3.) Milk: buy or find a Bucket and use the bucket ona Dairy Cow in a Cow pen.

4.) Flour: buy or find a pot. pick some grain. go to a windmill and climb to the 3rd floor. use the grain on the hopper. then operate the hopper. then climb to the 1st floor and use your pot on the flour.

5.) Return to the Chef and give him the 3 ingredients. He will reward you with 300 cooking exp, 1 quest point, and access to his personal range.

if you have anyother questions (i seriously hope you dont.... post here lol)