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Discussion in 'Food & Beverage' started by kitchendame, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. kitchendame

    kitchendame Registered Member

    Got any? Some little thing you learned to do that makes preparing something so much easier, or prevents disaster?

    My current all-time favorite cooking tip is to get out the egg slicer when you have to slice a lot of mushrooms. You can do a ton up in no time. The mushrooms have to be fresh, though; if they are old the slicer won't go through them. We have mushroom soup and mushroom gravy all the time now.

    Anybody else have a little tip when cooking, prepping or baking? I'd love to hear about them...

  2. Saffy

    Saffy Registered Member

    good idea!! by the way you should stick up a recipe for that mushroom soup;)

    tips hmmm cant think of any as yet except, have a good peeler (potato/carrot peeler) i use mine for carrots, parsnip, turnip, sweet potatos saves loads of time in prep:nod:
  3. kitchendame

    kitchendame Registered Member

    I don't think people realize just how much time you save with a good peeler. I'm able to go twice as fast with one. You can "peel" parmesan cheese for salads and bars of solid chocolate for cake decoration or whipped cream topping with a good peeler, as well. Good on ya, Saffy...
  4. Saffy

    Saffy Registered Member

    ohhh yea forgot about that,, mmm .. i am qualified in cake decorating you know,, not the soft frosting type but royal icing,, i can make little baby bootees and flowers etc out of icing,, ages since i done any, but it helped me out for a while when i was out of work:lol:
  5. AnitaKnapp

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    For making enchiladas with corn tortillas, I always brushed a little bit of veggie oil on them before heating them up. Prevents them from sticking together and tearing when you try to separate them.

    Also, if you are storing cookies that you have baked, add a piece of sliced bread in the container, and they will stay soft.
  6. kitchendame

    kitchendame Registered Member

    Well how cool is that! I do wedding cakes. I used to do it for money, but now I just make them as wedding gifts for friends and family. The last one I did was several months ago, though; I try not to let it get around too much that I do them because they're expensive to make. I admire you; royal icing and I are not
    good friends. I do much better with buttercream icing. The one thing I can't do is fine line piping, not to save my life.
    Two really great ideas. If I have any cookies that last (I have two nephews so they go pretty fast), I'm going to try that bread idea. I never thought of brushing a little oil on the tortillas, either. You learn something new every day, as my mother was fond of saying.
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