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TV Cooking shows


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wasn't to sure whether to put this in food & recipes or this section, but as you probably can tell now, I've this one.

Any of you enjoy watching cooking shows? If so which one do you like?

Do you watch it because you want to learn new recipes, or you just watch it because it's entertaining?

Personally, I watch it for both, it will be rare that I try new recipes from cooking shows, but I always found some of these shows fairly entertaining since the host are good at their jobs.


yellow 4!
Yeah surprisingly I like them quite a lot. I won't go out of my way to watch a cooking show but if it's on I'll happily watch it. Kind of strange considering I don't have much of an interest in food/can't cook/have no intention of trying any time soon.

I don't like any particular shows I'll just watch whichever is on.


"Expect the unexpected"
The only cooking show that comes to mind is "Hell's Kitchen" and that is definitely not about recipes but raw fury and excitement in the kitchen. So, when I do watch cooking shows it's because of the entertainment factor.


Registered Member
I love cooking shows.
Like, I'm slightly obsessed. I love cooking and get great ideas from a lot of these shows. I also just love to watch cooking shows, moreso the travel ones, it's always interesting to learn about different food cultures and such.
I love the Jamie Oliver shows, all of Ramsey's shows and Michael Smith shows.
Chef Abroad is amazing.

YouTube - Chef Abroad (Michael Smith) - Tokyo Food Adventure (Pt 1)


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The only cooking show that I watch is Top Chef, but it's a reality/competition show and not really about recipes. I used to watch the Japanese version of Iron Chef, and I also loved Emeril.


New Member
I have sometimes watched Iron Chef, but recently I have been addicted to Master Chef, a reality cooking show. I don't really watch them to learn tho, just for the entertainment.


Good Eats is the best cooking show on TV. Alton Brown is easily the funniest chef. The show is packed with tons of useful information and tips and still manages to be super entertaining. I have around 100 episodes DVR'd. Haha.


Sally Twit
I've recently got in to 'Come Dine With Me' where a group of people will each hold a dinner party and the other contestants rate them out of ten. The winner gets £1000. I got in to it because it was entertaining. They get quite bitchy because they all want to win.
I am not much of a cook so I don't think I could make the food they make on the show.


Do What Thou Wilt
I like watching cooking shows for the food and recipes, NEVER because they are entertaining, the vast majority of cooking show hosts are gregariously annoying. However, and I say this honestly, I think the male hosts are ten times better. Their teaching and personalities aren't overbearing on show, and they all seem to be more experienced, and have cooler recipes on show too.


Well-Known Member
I watch a lot of cooking shows, they always make me hungry and inspire me to cook. I like watching anything with Nigella Lawson...as for shows...Everyday Italian is probably one of my favourites.