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Cooking Failures and Successes


rainbow 11!
I thought we could have a thread where people could share pictures of their cooking. Whether it's a fail and we offer advice on how to not fuck up next time, or we drool over the stuff that looks like it's supposed to and hope it tastes just as good.

I tried making this protein pancake.

It went from that

to this

and then i tried to make a second pancake.

which ended up looking worse than the first.

so what are some of your cooking failures and successes? haha


Sally Twit
lol @ seeing you eat the pancake and spitting it back out again. Poor Kay.

I don't have any failures of my own to share just yet, but I'd like to share a photo of my dad's cake making skills. It was my other half's Birthday and we were making him some cakes. Mine turned out really well but you can tell by my dad's cake mixture what his would look like haha. Bless him.

My dad's (lol):


I love this thread idea, but isn't it basically exactly the same as my other thread to post photos of your cooking. Or is this one specifically for cooking when it has gone wrong? Cause you could post basically anything in the other thread.


Registered Member
Bump! Cool thread but yeah. Maybe the 2 threads could be merged into one that's for successes and failures. Please lmk where the other thread is. :)

I've been learning to cook and I've had some successes and some fails. I joined GF after making an epic fail that was supposed to be butterscotch. I cooked it in an iron skillet and when I took it out of the stove it was like black rock. :-o We tried to chisel it off the skillet but the skillet broke and we had to buy a new one. I quit trying to cook after that.

Anyway, I've been learning how to cook again and I've had some epic successes! I even learned how to fry bacon and not burn it. And I can bake homemade breads now too. I'll add a photo the next time I bake some. :D