Controversial websites


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Yeah I saw that too. I don't think YouTube should count as a pirate site. A lot of the copyrighted music videos and songs that are up there are put up by the labels themselves. And YouTube tries hard to remove everything else.


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The fact that 4chan isn't up there just proves that all they did to make that list was search for websites that made headlines in the past year or few months and organize them 1-10.
YouTube controversial in what way? If anything about it is controversial it's the fact that half of the good videos get taken down.
Music and such. You've honestly not heard of all the problems with licensed music and YouTube?
I had to taken down one of my videos I posted 3 years ago because someone made a complaint about the music I used. There was a whole bunch of stuff I had to go through if I wanted to keep it up but I said fuck it and just took it down.