Contradiction in Christianity?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Merc, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Merc

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    I just have a question that I hope can spark a bit of discussion. Why is it that Christianity, a religion starring the most widely known pacifist figure, Jesus Christ, has so many violent, judgmental, and blind followers?

    Now this isn't meant to be an insult (though I'm sure a select few will see it that way) but just a general philosophical question. I mean, Jesus set a great example to follow, peace and love towards all, allowing men and women to make up for their mistakes and accepting them into his arms. The messages are humane, sincere, and caring.

    So why is it then, that many Christians are so apt to seperating themselves from others? Homosexuals, non-believers, those with opposing views, etc. I mean, Jesus had this message of love and care towards your fellow man and woman, yet, some people (the 'extremely devout' crowd) are violent and disturbing to the general population of the Earth just by existing. Look at white power movements, surely a stain of humanity, or Do some Christians never hear the actual message that Jesus sent to us?

    I don't mean this to start a flame war, it's just a curiosity I've had for awhile.

  2. Kos4Evr

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    I believe the messege of violence in Christianity began when the romans adopted Christianity as their religion. After the fall of the Roman Empire the Catholic Church (also called the Roman Catholic Church) rose from the ashes of Rome. In the decades that followed they were known to maintain a stranglehold on the messege of Jesus (the Gospel) and over throw kingdoms if a ruler was not generous in regards to the Catholic church. The Spanish Inquisition was at the request of the Catholic church giving Spain free reign to murder, rape or steal from anyone that was not Catholic including other Christian groups that believed the Vatican was corrupt (I believe it was) and sought to worship Jesus without the approval of the Catholic Church.

    Why do I keep mentioning the Catholic Church? Because they were the ones who used an iron fist to enforce the worship of Jesus only as they saw fit. One of the things they denied the people was the ability to read the texts for themselves. And when people tried to translate the bible into the common man's language, they hunted them down and tried to destroy these bibles. They didn't want men to see that the Catholic Church was not following God's rules, but making their own rules up and acrediting them to God.

    Now is the Catholic Church still corrupt? If they are, it is not to the degree it once was. Also I don't believe they are the only ones corrupting the messege God gave us through Jesus. Even in matters of religion, you must becareful who you trust.
  3. Kazmarov

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    Essentially, this is when the religion and politics crossed for the first real time. Once it became something you could rally people behind, it doesn't really what the original message was. If you could start wars, murder those that you hate, and do it in the name of Christ and not be viewed as a cold-blooded maniac, it was in their advantage to use the religion.

    Islam is known for it's connected political and spiritual path, since unlike Jesus, Muhammad was a politician and a military leader. Thus, it is much easier to justify political and military things in the name of Islam, though it is still very pacifistic.

    In the end, it's hypocrisy plain and simple. Christians aren't hypocritical, but to not be compassionate, or to welcome others as would Christ, is a lie.
  4. Gryf

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    Really, I think he was aiming to be a national hero, not a divinity. On either pretext, I think the Romans were tyrants both before and after Christianity.
  5. Mare Tranquillity

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    I think Jesus’ message was remarkably uncomplicated and straightforward, but at the same time it was incredibly difficult to follow in one’s daily life. How many people can, or are even interested in trying, to return good for evil? Turning the other cheek? Loving others as you love yourself? As good an idea as these things are, they are basically impossible for 99% of humanity to follow.

    So what was done was to bring in a whole bunch of extraneous stuff to water down the difficult requirements made by Jesus and to justify people doing the things they always intended to do anyway. Gradually, over time as things were added and the Jesus' message was "interpreted" it has finally come to the point where there is hardly anything that one cannot find justification for in the Bible if one looks closely enough and is flexible enough in the textual interpretation. Slavery, subjugation of women, war, you name it and you can find a scripture to make it okay. Lot was the only person good enough to save out of Sodom and Gomorrah and what did he do? He got drunk and had sex with his two daughters. It appears that David and Jonathon had a homosexual relationship, as did Ruth and Naomi. If one has a large enough book, with enough contradictions, then one can do whatever one wishes and still be able to find scripture to bash people you don’t like. Think about some of the religious bigots we all know and think about them having 2000 years to rewrite the Bible to suit themselves. I suspect that the contradictions are deliberate.

    An excellent reference work on the beginnings of Christianity is THE FIRST COMING: How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity by Thomas Sheehan. Another good reference work is the X-RATED BIBLE by Ackerley, a penetrating look at all those scriptures that no one mentions in sermons.
  6. raddmadd

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    ugh. i definitely get what your saying. that site, i didn't know existed, is horrible. do they think they are doing God a favor? they are like the Jews who killed Jesus. they thought that they were doing God a favor, when they actually were killing Him.

    the reason i think alot of Christians are like this, is because when you get saved, you have a strong desire to teach about God. its kind of like this: i suddenly get a desire to play guitar, i've never played guitar before but i follow my desire and decide to play on stage. im going to sound horrible!! and in front of everyone! i think that some people simply don't know how to teach His word right, so they teach it horribly. and actually lead people away from God instead of bring them to Him. im not trying to get people to not teach, because thats our purpose. Mark 16:15 "go in all the world and teach the *Good News to all creatures" (something like that) we must teach, but make sure you teach it right!

    also, notice what Jesus said, He said, "I didn't come to condemn the world but to save it" so....alot of Christians instead of trying to help save people, instead are condeming it by saying "God hates fags" how horrible.

    for the people who want to learn how to teach God's word better, here is a site. it can help you to teach. you can pm me and maybe i could try to help.

    and for the people who get offended by Christians, don't let people who say they are Christian but don't actually represent Christ mess up your relationship with God. alot of people leave God because of what the church does. God doesn't do it, its the church. God loves you!!

    also, if anyone sees me not representing Christ on here, then tell me!! so i can fix it. thanx


    *Good News: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. how to get saved, how to become born again etc. refer to here:
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    yeah man I'm christian but I'm not concerned with that. Everything has for a reason. THe things written in the bible well....may be reasonable but Sh*t like hating homos in 2006 in unacceptable. I know they SAID homosexuality pena;ty is death. but that was old testament. In the new testament Jesus cames and Saves EVERYBODY unconditionally so I don't think that rule applies anymmoreAlthough, Some may think So.
  8. Mecha

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    I'm surprised the contridiction of "God is good" and the slave codes/genocide in the Old Testament doesn't get noticed more often. How people with a straight face can say they read some of Old Testament, but then say that God is good, perfect, or eternal is simply mind blowing.

    I personally don't buy into the "Jesus was pacifistic/accepting/ect". He smites a fig tree, for pete's sake... The accounts of Jesus have plenty of important contridictions like his last words... It is simply too easy to see whatever you want in the Bible, apparantly.

  9. SenatorB

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    I think that's a very good question... I can't help but notice that so much of the division, conflict, and hatred of the world stems from people disagreeing about religion, yet nearly all religions dictate some form of peace, loving eachother, etc.. People seem to forget this, in an "I'm right, you're wrong" sort of way, feeling that it makes them a better person if everyone else is worse. I can't stand that type of person... live and let live.
  10. eric

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    Just a quick defense of the RC Church, it is the one church that opposes Capital Punishment, opposes war, one of the few that openly welcomes homosexuals, and abhors violence of every kind. Now this isn't to say that there haven't been and are scandals within the church, but with any human involved entity there is bound to be problems, because humans are weak, frail and corrupted. What I am most proud of though is their consistent stance on abortion and capitol punishment, unlike some other churches that are opposed to abortion but think executions are just fine, the RC Church says both are wrong. Now I may not agree (and I don't) with their objection of a woman's right to choose, but I do admire their consistency.

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