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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ltk9492, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. ltk9492

    ltk9492 Registered Member

  2. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    Thanks! Though, you're forgetting one really good contest with incredible odds.

    Go there, and say Gamechamp referred you. Trust me, it's a great contest.

    Seriously, thanks for the contests, now I've got an even better chance at getting a 360.
  3. yooperchick

    yooperchick Registered Member

    Yeah - how could you forget this one. :)

    I wonder what the final odds are gonna be???
  4. Wrecked

    Wrecked Registered Member

    well there's ~10 days left, any none member at this point or unactive member won't be able to reach the points needed unless they spammed like crazy, which would disqualify them.

    right now i believe there's about 3 people that qualify, come around 10 or so days later and if everyone keeps up with their postings, there should be at least 6 in the running, and perhaps 8-10 tops.

    i like them odds. :cool:

    thanks again Andrew!
  5. yooperchick

    yooperchick Registered Member

    I still have a bit to go, but I am waiting for a few days coming where I can really go through all of the threads. I have yet to even look at probably 75% of them. Whenever I go to "new posts" there are always tons to go through.
  6. ltk9492

    ltk9492 Registered Member

    i love my odds. im at what, 230 about now? i figure about 10 will have 360 by the 21st, including me.

    and i didn't put down THIS contest, for obivous reasons...
  7. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    Then you throw out the people who didn't make quality posts or spammed their way to 360 and the odds will be even better.

    Wrecked, your posts have definitely been good. But some other people that are nearing 360 whose names I won't mention, I'm not so sure. BUT, it's not up to me.
  8. LaRazaUnida

    LaRazaUnida Registered Member

    Thanks for making this thread, there have been contests threads popping up all over the place.

    I figure I will make it to 360+ posts by the time it ends. All depends on my finals, if my people I recruited post, and my work. I am actually donating one of my computers and a monitor I found to this povershed family. I even found a decent copier/scanner I can give them as well. Its meaning alot to me because I promised that I would help them, and I have.

    This is definately the best contest around the web and with the MK:DS next month, advertising, and great moding it is quickly becoming one of the faster growing forums. THANKS!

    LOL, I like how you did the Blingo link :p
  9. ltk9492

    ltk9492 Registered Member

    well at the time of thuis post, your at 347. i think you'll make it. lol. i wasn't here for a day, so...

    also, a new contest on ( i don't know if you have to be a subscriber, i heard of it though.) Also, you are all welcome for this post, you should all try to win with these contests, i could've not toold you and had better odds. lol
  10. LaRazaUnida

    LaRazaUnida Registered Member

    ....did you mean That site that you posted is =Maxim Pharmaceuticals...What would we win? Free drugs?

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