Container Planting


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One of the ways I like to garden is by container planting. Have you tried this at all? I've experimented with all kinds of containers, all sizes, and all kinds of plants--flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits.

Do you like container planting? What have you tried? How is it working out, or did it? I'd love to see conversation about this subject.


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I tried it last summer with a pineapple top. :nod: I twisted the top off, peeled off the small bottom leaves so the root buds were showing, let it dry out on the floor for 3 days, then planted it in a pot of 1/2 dirt and 1/2 Miracle gro potting mix. That was around July 3rd. It is still alive and has a 5 inch tall pup on the side! :) Somebody said it will make a pineapple in 2 years even if i grow it inside cause they like shade. I was so excited, I planted another one 2 days ago!