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Welcome to Constantine's Gravedigger, a little series of threads where I'll revive one game that I believe to be forgotten and then review it as well as open a discussion on!

The first Gravedigger game:


Diablo II is a title that will forever be the standard for dungeon crawlers, no matter how aged it may look. It set standards with its simple gameplay, awesome characters, and flat out addicting style of play.

Gameplay: 10
Not only was it simple, but it was effective and you could play it online for free. The combat system was nothing new but it's easy to use interface coupled with the depth of weapon crafting made it great for newbies or the veteran.

Graphics: 7
The weakest and least important feature of the game, the graphics looked dated but they were easily eclipsed by the game's incredible quality.

Sound: 10
Awesome sound effects, great soundtrack, blood curdling voices, and monstrous roars and yelps made the game creepy as hell and bloody brilliant. 'Nuff said.

Replay: 10
The real score should be infinite, because Diablo II has multiple character classes and multiple worlds to explore. It made the game lengthy and rewarding and with the possibility to do it over at least six different times meant the game was going to stick around for a long time.

Overall: 9.8
Diablo II is an incredible game that set the bar for what dungeon crawlers are supposed to do and feel like. Many games are straight Diablo clones that fail miserably while others (Like the series, Sacred) have done a much better job capturing that same sense of awesome adventure.

Diablo II is a classic, one of the highest selling games of all time, and a true reason to love PC gaming.

What do you think?


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I never really got into this series. Was too focused on StarCraft and WarCraft at the time. It sounds like I missed out though from what everybody said about the Diablo series. I wonder sometimes why they haven't made a Diablo III ever.


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Diablo III is rumored to be in development as we speak as even the domain name diablo3.com was just bought by Blizzard from a fan site that owned it previously. I really, highly suggest this game.

After you play it for a little while, download and add on the Eastern Sun Mod (Google it), it adds more fun to the game by switching skills, monsters, items, and weapons around.