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Have you ever written for an athletic purpose? Recently, I've begun a sportswriting internship for my school where I'm reporting on games and typing up summaries and interviews. So have any of you done journalism at any point in your lives? What was it like? Did you enjoy it?


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hehehe Yeah I did, I loved it even though I received next to nothing in return for the gargantuine efforts I put into it.

Some Sports stuff I did here and for another site. Originally I wrote it for another site but then figured since I was already going through the effort there, it wouldnt take much more than just Copying all the content and creating a new thread here.

and then again I wrote for the Fantasy Football for a little this year. I would have liked to have finished out writing for the season but I just lost interest this go 'round and eventually ran out of time each week. The years before I wrote for Fantasy Nascar, Fantasy Football, and Fantasy Hockey... with the exception of Nascar I completed reports weekly for all the Fantasy leagues.

The Journey Begins​

The kickoff to start the season is only a day away. Teams have been making their moves, working their depth charts, and practicing since the draft for this highly anticipated first game to start the Season. First weeks in the fantasy world always rack up into some high scoring matches. Already in the projections we're seeing The Unity as projected to be the highest scoring team this week with 124 points. Chris Bosh and Vegito728 are estimated to have the tightest fought game in Week one with less than 1 whole point separating them in the projections. Lets take an inside look at all the Games to look forward to here in week one.

This first pairing we see will stick vincent_valentine and phillylikwid up against each other in what looks to be a very hard fought, close battle on the gridiron. Only 7 points separating them in the projections, VV has the edge thanks to a very consistent team. Six players on his roster are slotted to rack in over 10 points each, a very respectable achievement. Philly will need a big game from Donovan McNabb who is more than capable of coming through when the chips are down.

I'm 'Whoreiffic'!..................117
Da 215 Vampirez................110


Next up we have dastevez vs. kdmillz72. A resemblance of a Peyton Manning / Tom Brady shootout, these two superpowers will bash helmets in a 14 projected point mismatch. KD, who's roster is led by Brady, has the initial lead per Yahoo's experts in this matchup. Running over the numbers and the projections this match really looks as though it should be closer. Watch for Stevez team to be an underdog here and really show up here in week 1. A critical player to watch here will be Jamal Lewis who may return to practice today, sept 3. Lewis should be OK for this week's game however if he does not return Wednesday, this particular Mauler would be considered questionable for the team's game Sunday, Sept. 7. Without the help from this running back, this game could easily go the other way.

Kalamazoo Kittens...............105
Millz Maulers ......................119


A highly anticipated matchup will include the likes of icegoat63 and the Unity. A very high scoring affair here, this matchup features a team who is projected to be the big scorer in week 1. When we talk about consistency there is no other team without a doubt that is as solid as the Unified Dynasty. Practically every player on this roster is projected to pull in over 10 points. A blessing or a curse as I've seen in the past. Being the hot shot high scorer has its perks but it also puts a big weight on the shoulders of a favored team. Expected to run away by 14 points, seems like 14 is the lucky number in week 1, The Unified Dynasty is simply not concerned about anything the Stampede can throw at them. Two key names in this matchup are Derek Anderson who is still a little shaken with a concussion. He is expected to start against the cowboys but it wouldnt be surprising to see him sidelined if things start to go sour. On the Goats side Bernard Berrian who has been fighting a toe injury could offer a much better game than the projections show.

Stampeding Goats...............110
The Unified Dynasty............124


What I'm going to consider the most exciting game of the week, Vegito728 and Chris Bosh square off in the tightest match yet. A margin of only .95 seperates these two, a slight favor for the Owens but not enough to count on. This matchup will be a nail biter, the teams themselves are so well matched here in week one that a clear winner may not be evident until the final minutes of the games. If there will be a game changer its going to have to come from Plaxico Burres who played all last season on a sprained ankle but is now coming into week one after allowing that ankle to heal, he is glowing with confidence. All I can say is this match can go either way, it'll be one to watch that is for sure.

STLKnights .........................106
The Owens ........................107


Up next we have SuiGeneris vs. Skid27. A lesser known member here, skid is actually the younger brother to the manager of the stampeding goats. Sui is looking to exploit the inexperienced team and already has a ten point lead in the projections. Skids team will be relying very heavily on its quarter back, Drew Bree's who is expected to be magnificent in week one. The colorful Chad Johnson-Ocho Cinco could be a surprise pending that questionable shoulder injury he sustained earlier. None the less Sui is not phased, even with the likes of Brandon Marshall sidelined in week one the SGB has managed to put together a wide receiver corps to rival any other in the league. Under the pressure moves like that show why SGB is the favored team in this matchup.

Skid Row ...........................104


Finally we have the man himself Babe Ruth vs. the Burger King. Babe left the Draft day with confidence as it was his roster that showed superb promise for this season. Coming into week one, that promise is still flowing strong as he leads his opponent by a deafening 26 points. With no highlights to name off Babe Ruth's team is sitting pretty already looking into week 2. Could overconfidence here be an issue? Afraid it wont be. The burger king has already been hit hard with some injuries that will force his team into a slow start this season. Deion Branch, Steve Smith, Benjamin Watson, Vince Young, and even Antonio Gates, all experiencing trouble with injuries. You'd almost think BK drafted directly off an IR sheet with these kinds of set backs this early in the season.

Terrell Owens .....................109
BK's Fighting Whopper............83


In a nut shell week one looks to be a very exciting season opener. There is no better way to start off a great tradition than exciting matchups and this league has not failed in that department. First games kick off tomorrow then we have a short layoff until Sunday. I look forward to following the games and wish good luck to all managers and teams participating.
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I've never done anything massive but I used to do write-ups on Premier League football for my forum/website. It was popular amongst my friends and I actually used to enjoy it, putting my own opinion in amongst the report was something I've always liked doing and this nature of reporting was perfect. I ran out of time so had to give it up but hopefully I can start up again with the view for writing for a major footballing website.


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It's always been a dream of mine to be a sports journalist, but as you may know already my grammar isn't all that great. So I don't think I would fair to well. I know a lot about sports, and I know the questions to ask those sports atheletes, so if my grammar was much better, I think I would excel at this job.

Hopefully you have a great time doing this Cons.


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It's not something you could really do in my school. If it had been offered to us then I'm sure I would have had a big interest in writing about something. It wouldn't have been a sports column though.
I would have loved to have written a column in a school newsletter or something. I think it would have been a lot of fun.


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Not for sports, but I did write columns in my school's newspaper and I also designed and wrote a few pages in the yearbook. It was pretty easy for me and a lot of fun. I have no idea why I didn't stick with it.