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Did you like the movie Constantine with Keanu Reeves?

Constantine (2005)

I thought it was a let down personally. It felt as if they were looking for an actor who had experience wearing all black and having a lack of emotion and thought to themselves "Oh yeah, the Matrix was really popular. Let's get Keanu".

It came out like right after the Matrix trilogy finished up. I thought it was way too aimed at Matrix fans.

Don't get me wrong, I like Keanu Reeves as an actor and I didn't have any complaints about him being in the movie necessarily. I just think the entire movie was made in an effort to piggyback off of the Matrix, which simply didn't work.


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Read the comics and then you'll really know why it was sub-par. I still liked it, but the comics are so much better. First off, Keanu was not a good choice. John Constantine is not a fighter like Keanu was portrayed in the movie, he's a conman. He tricks and cons others to get what he wants.

The movie wasn't terrible, but it could have been a lot better.


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I didnt read the comics, to be honest I didnt even know there was a comic when I'd originally seen the movie. I think it was about a year later when I stumbled on a Hellblazer comic that I realized... holy hell this is Constantine :hah:

To this day I still havent read one, which is dumb because its right up the alley of the kind of theme I love in entertainment.

Overall, I absolutely loved the Constantine movie, and I've heard there was a second one either in the works or still being pitched. I really really hope they do it because I'll definitely see it.

I'm not a fan of Keanu personally... I think he's a crap actor but thats just me. However, I did love his role in the movie. But again thats coming from someone who doesnt know and isnt familiar with the HellBlazer series.
I saw the movie without reading the comics also and came away thinking the movie was really damn good. I've read about the huge discrepancies between the two and I can see why fans of the comic wouldn't like the movie as much, but standing by itself, I think the movie was really good. The story was interesting, and I thought the effects and action was pretty damn good. It's a movie that I wouldn't have had any qualms with paying to see.


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I thought the film was great. I've only ever glanced over the comics but I still thought the film was great. Even if I started reading the comics, I think I'd still love the film.

That kind of genre is all me. Demons, monsters, paranormal behaviour, all of it. I love it. :D