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Consolidation loan


New Member
Okay so heres my situation. Last year I finalized my divorce. I am now re married and still burried in debt that my gracious ex left me with. While I was deployed she would stop paying bills and just blow the money on whatever. Now I am left with nothing to show except my house that is behind, and a stack of bills. My credit is shot, I have no equity and I am on the verge of going bankrupt. Is their any hope for me?


New Member
I have quoted this article from a site and I think this will be my best advice for you....

At this point, if you are smart enough to realize and admit that you need help, you should really seek out the help of a debt management company, someone who focuses not only on helping you payoff your current debt, but teaching you how to better manage your money, so that you don't end right back up in the same situation. These companies are able to work with your creditors, often cutting monthly payment amounts, stopping fees, and reducing interest rates, so that more of what you pay goes toward your balance, and you get out of debt sooner. If your personal loan debt is unsecured, these companies can help you with it as well, although they specialize in credit card debt mostly.

I really hope you'll get over with your problem... Sometimes things look hard but do not ever give up! :)