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Console War (Pocket Edition): DS/3DS vs. PSP

What's your pick?

  • DS Series

    Votes: 6 100.0%
  • PSP

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Haters gonna hate.
I guess the time is right for the third incarnation of CONSOLE WAR.

This topic will be used to discuss the two biggest current handhelds on the market.

First up is the DS/DS Lite/3DS. Nintendo's latest handheld series innovated with the dual screens and had many amazing first and third party titles. Next is the PSP. Sony's first foray into the handheld market was filled with some great games and its own form of innovation. Note that this does not include the PS Vita.

Personally, my vote goes the the DS series over the PSP. What do you pick?


Sally Twit
DS gets my vote for three reasons. The little pencil thing you get with it, Wario and Nintendogs. My God I had fun playing those games haha.


Haters gonna hate.
That little pencil is called a stylus, :lol:.

I think that another bonus to the DS series is the touch capabilities. Unlike the PSP (up till the Vita), the DS had touch. That alone is another reason why the DS is superior.


I'm going with the DS series on this, only because it doesn't include the PS Vita. I have a feeling that when the Vita is released it will blow the rest out of the water, but for now I think DS is still on top over PSP.


I never owned either of them, but I did get a chance to play each quite a bit. At least enough to pick a favorite. I went with the DS, I found it to be the more entertaining of the two handhelds & more comfortable to use.


Well-Known Member
I've owned a DS for 7 years now, yeah that's the absolute original one. I have one from the first shipment. It still works great after fairly frequent use.

My favorite titles were Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing, Sonic Rush. I also really enjoy GBA compatibility for older titles. I also got to try Zelda which was decently cool.

I've played PSP a good number of times and I have to say that I'm just not all that impressed. The X button never seemed to work on any of them that I tried (not sure why) and there was a lack of touchscreen capability. I got to try a motocross game and Kingdom Hearts

I think that the DS is a much better handheld overall, better titles and better control method. I liked in a lot of games how the touchscreen acted as a map that was continuously visible.


Haters gonna hate.
It seems as if the DS series is running away with this so far with a 5-0 lead. The DS, it seems, did more innovation and had better games. While the Vita may change everything, it is not included so far.

I have plenty of ideas for the next Console War, so that will be posted in the near future.


Registered Member
I'm going to pick the DS here, but not because I think one is superior to the other. I think both Sony and Nintendo brought something positive and innovative to the table with their respective handhelds. PSP seems to have had a good run with its raw power and selection of hardcore titles, while the DS line seems to have broadened the market with an exhaustive selection of game genres to suit all tastes.

I also pick DS over PSP because Nintendo tends to be the one that makes the kinds of games I want to play. That doesn't make it better than Sony. It just makes it more of an appropriate fit for my tastes. The way I see it, between Sony and Nintendo, handheld lovers everywhere are covered, and that can only be a good thing!


It's not me, it's you.
To be honest, I don't know what to vote for here. If the 3DS were not included, I would have voted DS series. I had a Nintendo DS, it was pink. I played it for awhile, and then sold it when I needed money and I just wasn't using it that often anymore.

But I wouldn't buy a 3DS. I don't even think I would take a free one. The recent 3D craze just drives me nuts.


Haters gonna hate.
3D does drive me nuts as well, but the novelty of the 3DS is enough of a reason for me to buy it eventually. There are headliner games out there.