Console or Portable? Which Do you Prefer?


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Over the last couple of years gamign companies (Nintendo especially) have been making a lot of games for portable systems as well as consoles (the exact same games) which do you prefer?

If you had the choice would you get a game on the portable system or the console that you can play on your TV?

I'm a big portable guy I love having games portably but then I'm stuck playing the games on a smaller screen (a much smaller screen), sometimes i just get the game for both because I want it for both.

I also like having an actual controller in my hand instead of the entire system but I still like the portable systems they're great for being away from home on the go gaming.


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I prefer gaming on consoles, for sure. It's just better playing on a TV screen with a controller. But if it's a game where screen size and graphics don't matter, like an NES remake, then I'd actually prefer to have it for a portable so I can play it anywhere.


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I'd just rather have all of the features of a console -- things like a large screen and more than a few buttons makes me happy in my pants.


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I prefer consoles, although the PSP's multimedia value is really good