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Consider This: Manga


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Marvel has pretty much totally abandoned the code now. Even Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and the kid's book Marvel Adventures don't use it and those are series. DC is sticking to it more in their main books, but their All-Star line (All-Star Superman and All-Star Batman) are series that don't follow the code.

Plus both publishers have shown a willingness to drop the code for an issue or two of a series when it suits them. DC had a semi-famous issue dealing with drug addiction in the 70s or 80s with Green Arrow's sidekick. They dropped the code for that issue.

So, not all code-less comics are graphic novels or one shots. It's in mainstream series too, especially at Marvel.

Also Mangas Are made in the US, Canada, As well as the UK. Manga is a Title reference to define harder and more sexual related comics (as well as a few underground comics)
Also most Mangas are done in B&W or color streaking.
I wouldn't call those manga. Not even all manga in Japan has hard or sexual stories or is in black and white. Black and white comics have been made in the US, Canada, and UK for years without being considered manga. Remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? That started out black and white with a harder story than most comics of the time, but no one considers it manga.


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Not really. They are just comics in the form of a book, but the content is just some pictures and dialog. But I love manga. :3 I should go buy more...