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    It is now obvious that the next step towards achieving greater sexual equality would be to draft women as well as men during times of war and peace. For years men have been the noble heroes to protect the women and children at home, but since the advocacy of womens' rights during the twentieth century, times have changed. It is clear that the legal rights of women have vastly improved and reached a state of equilibrium, yet men must continue the burden of being drafted. It is no wonder, then, that some feminists believe that we have yet to escape a semi-patriarchical society. The policy of forcing only males to fight and die for their country, strong or weak, while neglecting the numerous amount of physically able females is nothing but arbitrary considering that each individual woman has just as much power in decision-making for the country. The philosophy behind the policy of male conscription is exactly what the feminist movement has been trying to bust since the second wave, yet the hypocricy of it all still exists in our sexually "equalizing" society.

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    Well, here's my two answers.

    Answer One: I oppose conscription for women because I find conscription repulsive and archaic as a whole. If a state can't find enough military power to fight its wars, it shouldn't fight them to begin with.

    Answer Two: I strongly favor conscription for women because I find misogyny repulsive and archaic as a whole. Women have the same privileges and societal integration as men, and thus should serve the state equally in times of crisis.
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    My views on:

    In this day and age, I am all for it, I believe it is the foundation of a well ordered society. The schools are turning out scallywags the military can straighten them out. Look at Switzerland or Finland for examples of well orchestrated conscription.

    Conscription Drafts:
    I'm against this form of lucky-dip and exemption method 'your numbers up unless you're rich'

    Conscription and Women:
    Conscription should be for everyone except the mentally ill. There is a role for everyone no exemptions.
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    we don't want equality that bad....

    No I am just kidding.

    It wouldn't bother me if they did honestly... I don't see why they shouldn't... but then again I agree with Kaz's Answer #1 more than anything.
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    And the chronically ill... My brother who was going through chemo could have never go through with it. I know he would have if he it was called upon him, but people with illnesses such as cancer or something like cerebal paulsy where they are weak all the time should be exempt... and people who have had heart surgery. Just my opinion though.
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    i really like how kaz stated his answer in two forms, diplomaticly vague....
    i would have to agree that in a way i pro and con.

    Although this is what I think personally....IMO

    A women should be drafted just as men should be, they should have to register the same as men when they turn 18, although where my views may differ from others is this, I believe that if a man or women be drafted, they should be able to fufill the same duties that of a regular enlisted individual. When drafted man or woman should meet the same physical requirements as reg enlisted. There would be no benefit to the US to have Paris Hilton on the front line, except to get rid of her. If a woman be enlisted, i believe that she would need to be able to pick up and rescue a fallen comrad, the same a man would and all other duties that would be asked of her.
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    They are weak but as long as they are mentally sound then why cant they serve their country. Unless of course they are unable to do any task.

    There are many many jobs that you can be called upon to do for the aid of the military, it does not have to be frontline or physically demanding, their are 1000s of administration jobs that they could even do from their hospital bed if needs be, they would be doing their bit by a.) doing the job and b.) freeing up others who are more able to do other jobs.

    If a war ever happened on any scale it would be reassuring that everyone in society has a role to play and conscription would effectively give them that role. We can all be a specialist in something.
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    call me a flower child, but I don't think that the military should consist of anything but volunteers. and women should have just as much right as men to volunteer to get their asses blown up on the battle field for some stupid reason. men shouldn't be the only ones allowed to be completely retarded, women have that capacity too!
    by the way, I agree with Kaz. not the other way around. because apparently that was an issue :/
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    Thanks. I always appreciate being told that I'm completely retarded.

    Let's take a hypothetical situation. Let's say that a new version of Alexander the Great has come up, and is conquering countries left and right. Alex II has a huge army, and lots of firepower, and a few allies. And let's say that our volunteer system doesn't give us enough volunteers. It would seem we have two options - either start conscription, or fall to a tyrant. Which would you pick?
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    I'd start a huge ass propoganda system that would make the army look like a damn good idea. make volunteering look like...a damn good idea.

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