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Connecting to Google, But nothing else. =(


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Okay so I got my laptop to connect to my new wireless network. Now I have a new problem.

My browser will connect to google and I can search google like a charm, but any place I try to go outside of google will not work. ANyone had this problem? Help please?

*sorry im on mobile and ita hard to type!*


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Exactly what kind of error are you getting when you navigate to another page? I would imagine you need to look at your wireless settings. Usually on the back of your router there is an IP number something like Type that into your web browser and it should bring up your security settings. Mine did that for a while and I had to tinker for a bit to get it.
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another solution might be to check if youre working in offline mode ive seen that be the issue before so it might be that you have googles homepage cached from a previous visit and thats what youre seeing also check if yoou can do any searches with google


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I'd type this in cmd:

ipconfig /renew
technically you /release, then /renew...

Have you tried searching for something totally random (like "toaster" for example) to make sure that you are actually connected to the internet, and not just in cached pages?


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I've had this problem before!

Make sure you have "Work Offline" unchecked, and that your WiFi is connected to the correct network. Try typing the General Forum URL into the URL bar and see if it's a problem with the search engine. Finally, you could try right-clicking on the wireless network icon, and click "Repair" that will renew your IP, clear DNS and reconnect to your network.

Hope this helps!