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Connecting everyday things to certain memories


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Are there any certain objects, people, smells, music, movies or anything else that remind you of a specific memory, good or bad? Anything that gives you a vivid image of something you were doing or someone you saw, etc. at the time of seeing/smelling/hearing this particular thing?

I only ask because the movie Ghost was on TV yesterday and it made me think about this subject. Seven years ago October 20th it was on TV and I remember everything that happened that day. It was mid-morning and my mum and I were making a scarecrow for the front of our house for Halloween. We were only about 20minutes, if that, into the movie when there was a really loud knocking at the door. Thinking it was probably for the wrong house or whatever, my mum took her time getting to the door but when she got there she looked out the window and saw my neighbour’s middle child (there’s 3- I’ve known this family since I was born, they’re my second family) standing on our doorstop. Thinking it was for me, she called me to the door aswell and as I got there she opened the door to find my neighbour falling into the house screaming that her mum had passed away the night before.

It’s a horrible memory and I wish I couldn’t remember every little thing that happened that day but I do and to this day, I still can’t watch that movie. I've mentioned this to a few people and they seem to think I'm crazy to not be able to get over something silly like that and just watch a movie, but I don't think it's just because of the movie. I’ve got a few other things good and bad like that and was just wondering if anyone else has connections like this to certain everyday things?


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I know what you mean by this, everyone knows that grandmothers hourse have their own smell " They say" but when u go smell somthing else that smells like it. maybe a old couple you incounter at work. then it would remind me of my granmas house, or if i smell something that smells like my grandmas cooking and then it remind me of spending time with my grandma when i was a kid


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A song called "Summer Rain"

The story behind it is that I was off and on relationship with this girl and we really loved each other..or at least I loved her, but anyway and this went on for about two-three odd years and that song was our song, and I guess half of those time spent together with her were good, some were bad but when I hear the song, I just get this damp feelings inside me, that I miss her really bad and wish I still was with her somehow.


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Oh yeah. I definitely make connections to thing. Mostly bad, but some good. And most of the time it's a bitch.

For instance.. for the first year after my boyfriend and I broke up, I could not watch the movies we watched together, or listen to most of the music I liked during the period of our relationship. It has faded if not completely gone away.

Another thing is that I cannot stand the smell of wine due to my mom being a heavy drinker who's drink was wine.

I couldn't eat thai food for the longest time because the first time I ever ate it I got sick later that night.

And those were just the first things to come to the top of my head. For the most part its annoying. Sometimes I wish that everyday you could let go of those connections and re-connect with things that you had bad experiences with in different ways. It can happen with time though.


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Hum...skys, stars and ...the moon less ground things like people cars or anything on the ground...:p

when i look at the moon skys or stars its like a time travel..


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Everytime I see biking gloves I think about the one time I had a huge bike crash and didn't have any on. I messed up my hands pretty badly. Lesson learned though. Ever since then I've always worn gloves.

I also link certain smells to things but the problem is they aren't normal smells that can be described. I'll just smell something one day and it takes me back. Does that happen to anybody else? Just the smell of somebody's house or something not very specific to any one item.