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Confusing situation


New Member
:shake: To get right into the situation I'll say that it's been a few weeks of pulling out my hair. So much that I started to wear a hat...

I have a laptop that has very weird symptoms regarding DNS and such.

1. I have done multiple virus/spam scans
2. I have flushed and re registered the DNS
3. I have removed and then added the machine to the domain
4. I have changed the IP and computer name during the process
5. Other laptops and PCs both DHCP and Static work fine on this subnet
6. This started after the user returned from a trip from Alaska...
7. I still suspect damage from 1 above... as there was one...

When connected via LAN I can see the local server via name or IP, but not servers on another subnet, via Outlook, IE (doesn't go to the web either), Windows Explorer, but I can ping them by name or IP via a command prompt

When connected via wireless external to the network IE works.

I have a DNS server, DHCP server and file server on the subnet it resides on.

a 'netsh diag ping adapter' reveals successful connections all around
a 'ipconfig /displaydns' reveals entries for multiple external and internal servers. All legit.
I'm thinking of removing the network services and readding them for the built in LAN port.

Else it's off to the rebuild stage. I would really like to know if anyone has run into a simular thing and knows what server/component to fix or reinstall.

Thanks in advance. If this isn't the place for this kind of question please reply indicating where I may get another opinion.:sick: