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Confiscation Wednesday, May 24th 2006

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When this card got banned 2 formats ago with it's counter part Forceful Sentry it allowed the trinity to take it's place. Sadly we lost the trinity but were able to get this back. What did we do? We played it of course. Did we keep it? No.

Confy was viewed as a 1-1 that wasn't that great. Just think about it. You give up confy and they lose a card. So you have a trade of 1-1. Aside from the 1-1 trade off you were also taking 1000 to the lp's and it was an horrible top deck. Plus the Dark Worlds were either on their way or already out so Confy wasn't making the cut.

How ever that all changed as the format was taking it's tool on people. People started to take out their Dons and with 2 faiths we needed a quick and essay way to deplete an opponenets hand so we went back to Confy.

Now Confy gets it's respect once again. Drawing this first hand is wonderful. It'll allow you to take away your opponents treat to you. You get inside information on what they are going to use and you can prepare to play against it.

If you draw it outside of the 1st hand it's still great. You can alwayZ use it after they use a MOF, Skelengle, Dekoichi, or better a Sangan to rip away their choices.

You can even push it to be an greater advantage for you if you abuse it in an MOF, Tsukuyomi lock. Just make sure you stop if they have a Dark World in their hand.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 4.5/5
Not open for further replies.