Condoms in school toilets

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Bliss, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Bliss

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    Would this policy encourage more teens to have sex, would it merely protect the health of those already engaging in sex or would the pros and cons cancel each other out?

    I'd be interested to see what effects this type of scheme would have.

  2. Raos

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    I am assuming you meant condoms in school bathrooms as I doubt anyone would want to reach into a toilet and grab what was in there and put it on their dick :lol:

    Speaking for myself, when I was in school a condom machine in the bathroom would have played no role in my sex life. If I could have had sex I would have, regardless of condom machines or not.

    Personally, I am for condoms being available in school. Kids are going to have sex. Kids DO have sex. Whether you think it is right or wrong that they do it does not matter. The fact that they do it matters. Since they are going to do it then they should have every resource available to them to do it as safely and responsibly as possible.
  3. Mirage

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    There are already enough problems with the school systems we have today. Providing condoms to teenagers is a terrible idea. It only encourages them to go do things they shouldn't be doing in the first place. And no, not all kids are going to have sex. That's a very defeatist stance to take. There are plenty of kids who are able to exhibit maturity and self control in high school. The idea that fornication would be expected of them by the school they attend is absurd.

    How about setting our goals higher? You know, teaching guys that girls should be honored, respected, etc, as opposed to being seen as a trophy to be won and then humped.
  4. Major

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    Considering the overwhelming number of teen pregnancies these days I think it's a good idea to make condoms more available. I don't think it encourages sex at all. It encourages safe sex. The kids who use the condoms are going to be having sex one way or another. Better that they are using protection.
  5. icegoat63

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    Toilet across the pond Tends to mean more than just the Porcelain Pedestal, but what do you expect from those weirdo's and their Adding an "I" to the word Aluminum :hah:

    As far as Condoms in the Restrooms when I was in high school...nah they didnt exist. Most students just went to the Planned Parenthood office and told the lady at the front desk "Hey I'm having unprotected sex, can I catch a disease?" and they would freak out and give you a Brown paper bag full of condoms for free.

    At this point in the world...I dont think it'd encourage sex anymore than anything else going on in their environment. I do think it would encourage more sex on school grounds... but as far as sex in general, I dont think it would hamper or hinder anyone in particular.
  6. Raos

    Raos Registered Member

    I think you misread or misinterpreted what I said Hybrix. I never said all kids are going to have sex. I said kids are going to have sex. To think otherwise is simply not seeing the world for what it is. As proof, look around. Do you see kids having sex? LOL OK that sounded a little funny. What I meant was do you know of kids having sex? teenage pregnancy is an epidemic right now. STD's in school age kids is a major problem as well. If they were not already having sex then these issues would not exist. But they are having sex. Having condom machines in school is not going to make some kid decide he what a great idea. I guess since I can get protection in school then I will go out and get laid.

    I agree there are enough problems in schools today. Why add pregnancy and STD's to the list?

    I also agree with you that our goals should be set higher and that we should teach guys that girls should be honored and respected as you say. I would not stop there though. I think girls should be taught the same lesson about guys? Why is it always guys who get the short end? There are just as many girls who need to learn the same lesson about guys. Just because you are teaching those lessons though does not mean you can not still provide protection for those that choose not to learn the lesson.
  7. Mirage

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    Sure they are, but handing out condoms is just encouraging that. Would we hand out clean needles to kids who want to do illegal drugs? (Apparently some countries actually do things like this).

    It's the lifestyle that is the problem though. Right?

    Well, guys tend to lead relationships. They should take the responsibility for what does or doesn't happen. You're right though. That's not to say that girls shouldn't learn to respect themselves and avoid guys that don't have their best interest in mind.
  8. Raos

    Raos Registered Member

    Condoms do not encourage kids to have sex. Condoms encourage kids to have safe sex IF they are going to have sex anyway. It is a parents/teachers/adult societies role to teach kids about why they should wait. But we also need to understand that not every kid is going to listen to that and it is irresponsible to just stick out heads in the sand and think that if we don't supply a safe way to have sex then they will opt to not have sex at all.

    Whether it is or not does not matter. What matters is that no matter what we tell or show kids, there will be some who listen to reason and others who don't. We should not just discount those who don't listen. they need a way to be safe even if they choose to do something stupid.

    Wow I think you really missed my point here. First, i disagree that guys tend to lead relationships. 30 years ago that may have been the case, but these days it is pretty equal. That point aside, you seem to be missing my point that girls need to respect guys just as much as guys need to respect girls. What you have said in this post and the last post point to the guys being the bad ones and the girls being the innocent ones (for lack of a better descriptive). Girls need to learn to respect guys just as much as guys need to learn to respect girls. gender really shouldn't even have had to be mentioned here. Both sexes need to respect each other the same ways.
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  9. Mirage

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    So, by "girls needing to learn to respect guys" are you implying that girls need to learn that guys want sex and they should respect that? Because I'm not sure what else you are getting at based on what else you've said. :confused:
  10. Nevyrmoore

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    You know, I see the arguments saying that providing condoms don't/do encourage sex, but I have to there any evidence that supports either side?

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