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Sally Twit
I went for a meal at a pub last week and had lasagne. Now I love to have salad cream whenever I have lasagne. I asked for it and they said they don't do it! Don't. Do. Salad. Cream. What is this nonsense? I hate mayo so I was pretty disappointed.

Are they any condiments you can't do without?


Registered Member
I recently fell in love with a red pepper / sweet chili dipping sauce. It only has a few ingredients, no additives or chemicals, and is a quick way to spice up my frozen veggies when I'm busy.


Registered Member
Soured cream and mayo for me. Soured cream whenever possible, with mayo being my condiment of choice when dining out.


yellow 4!
I love BBQ sauce! It's definitely my favourite.

But I'm confused as to what a condiment is classed as. According to Wiki, soy sauce and béarnaise sauce can be called condiments, both of which I looooove.

I also like tarter sauce with fish and chips, and sometimes either ketchup or mayo with chips or something, but that's less regular.

Can't go wrong with apple sauce on pork and cranberry sauce on turkey.


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I absolutely love bbq sauce. Lately I'm pretty addicted to chips with sweet chilli sauce but no one seems to do sweet chilli sauce.


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Mayo for sure, ranch dressing for my fries, my fish will always get lemon juice and tarter sauce, and my dogs get yellow mustard no katsup.


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Ranch for me...it goes good with almost anything!! I love it with chicken, french fries (well, really anything fried!), pizza, veggies, and the list goes on...I MUST have it.


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It depends what i'm eating...
Mayo for chips, bbq sauce for burgers, sausage, bacon, balsamic vinegar for salad and sweet chilli sauce for prawns.


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Barbecue sauce is better on fries than ketchup for me. I can't stand ketchup.