What's the absolute best concert you've ever seen? Why?

Mine is when I saw The Who last November. They put on such an amazing show for guys in their 60's. Roger Daltry's voice has held up remarkably well, and they couldn't have found a better replacement for Keith Moon than Zak Starkey.
Of course, the other guys rocked too, but that was to be expected.

Not my favorite concert ever, but one of the most amazing moments I've ever seen occured last night when I saw Arcade Fire. It was at the Atlanta Civic Center, and ther are these wings of seats that go from the stage area up to the balcony along the sides. One of the guys was playing a handheld drum during Rebellion (Lies), and he climbed about halfway up the edge of one of those, playing his drum the whole way. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen anyone do in concert.


Ozzy with Metallica opening.

Also saw Slipknot, Lamb of God and Shadows Fall in one show as well. That was insane.


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I haven't seen any concerts but I am going to see Genesis in September without Peter Gabriel. They're on Turn in On again tour, and I was lucky to get tickets, and I am really excited I cannot wait to go see them it's going to be a great concert.


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Not been much of a concert freak (we get a lot of alternative crap and then festivals with maybe two good bands and bunch of lousy ones), but I am probably going to see.

Daft Punk on July 29th in Seattle. They look to really play a good concert, with lots of lights and their robot and eccentric getup.

Nightwish on November 31st. They dumped their awesome vocalist, but it's still Finnish symphonic metal that was made for concerts.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra in December. Don't give me Nutcracker bullshit, this is a premier event of the winter season.


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Man im still hoping I can score a ride for the 28th of June so I can see Nickelback , Buckcherry , Hedley , Staind and Finger Eleven in concert. Im dying to go because it would be truly awesome but I can't get a ride.


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Yeah I agree, I prefer Peter Gabriel as a solo artist as well. I am really excited though, the concert will probably be around 3 hours which is great, because Phil Collins is one of my favorite musician, and I saw some highlights of some concerts he did live, and he's simply amazing. Cannot wait.


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Sum41 with Unwritten Law was probably my favorite concert. Sum41 is amazing live, (i dont like unwritten Law much)

Last years warped tour was pretty sweet, Seeing 30 seconds to mars (who signed up for the Cleveland show literally a week before the tour) was pretty bad ass.

Angels and Airwaves and Taking Back Sunday was good too (although I dont like TBS0 A&A was absolutely amazing.

I enjoy the warped tour of all the shows since I can see 15+ different bands in the day and if I dont like whose playing at one stage I just go to another one.

The past year Ive been on a bit of a concert binge...ask me two years ago how many ive been to and i could say maybe 3 now I average about one every 2 months.