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Son of Liberty
The mans got a point...that'd definately scare me out of it.

to be honest it'd scare the bejeesus out of me to... but then again you have to take into consideration that most users of Steroids are much akin to those who are Bulimic or Anorexic... They feel that their bodies are not "up to par" and so they take these extreme measures, sacrificing their own health, disregarding the actual effects of what they are doing in order to alter their body.

I do believe that if he is that concerned with pumping up, that he wouldn't care if his junk took a sacrifice, just as long as his muscles keep growing. Hell he might even find a way to convince himself that this particular side effect is nothing more than a joke.

This is why I feel the scare tactics of trying to show him these side effects are not going to be useful. You've got to treat it like he's suffering a disorder... because that's exactly what it is. He's obsessed with achieving this body that he'll stop at nothing. So the only way to actually get to him is through his heart & mind.


Registered Member
He seems like the kind of guy that wants results so defintely the only way to get him to stop is to give him results. Tell him, You're changing for the worse and I'm scared for you and everyone around you. Simple as that.
That's the only one I could truly see working, but at this stage I don't think even my opinion will count. He's a determined Son of a Bitch - but I'm the kind of girl that won't turn my back on him. I never have and I can't see my opinion of him changing, even if it turns nasty.

Like I said, my main concern is his rage. I've been there in the past when it's blown up it's frightening and almost unstoppable. I've had so many arguements with my other half for chosing to always be there for this person. Underneath the tough exterior this guy is actually awesome, but no one ever really see's that.

I guess things are just starting to get... Interesting. :-/

And yes, I think I just needed to vent to someone who wasn't from my circle of friends/famiglia, someone who wouldn't neccessarily pick sides.

Thanks guys!
Well... Once less issue. No more fiance. 7 years... Then nothing. I get to move out my home tomorrow. Almost feels unfair...
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