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I think I had a dilemma or a clash on conscience – or I’m just in need of someone else’s opinion. This isn’t really info I can share with my friends.

Someone I care about, a friend … Well, more than a friend, really – but not my other half – confided in me that they’re going to start taking steroids. They’ve got them; they’ve got the needles, all the required kit, etc. I know it’s not just all talk or bull because I’ve seen them – and bull isn’t really his style. I don’t know why he told me, he’s told no one else. The physical effects are obvious, but I don’t know how you monitor that, emotionally. How can I tell he's okay - once he begins?

I don’t know why he’d need to, he’s got great definition as it is, looks great anyway – but I think he is wanting more of the ‘Scott Steiner effect’. Google images of Scott Steiner if you don’t know who I mean. It’s impressive, yes, but a lot of that was clearly down to Steroids, before the welfare policy was brought into professional wrestling.

Now I wouldn’t tell him what to do and what not to do. On top of my initial concerns, I’m more worried about the rage. Obviously there’s been a lot of speculation about steroids recently, linked with aggression eg: Chris Benoit. My friend, he’s got a temper and an violent streak already. It’s just in his blood. He’s got a total survivor instinct. I am most of the time in utter admiration for this person though. I just don’t want anything to happen to him.

Maybe I need a bit of advice, maybe I don’t. Hell, maybe I just needed to share it so I wasn’t keeping this all to myself.


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He probably feels insecure about the way he is, he wants to be bigger and stronger then everyone else. It's a alpha male mentality he wants to be the head of the herd. All you can do is try and support him off of it, nothing good comes from steroid abuse.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I don't know much about steroids and its use. Anyway, I would tell him my concern and advise him about its side effects, but bottomline, you can't really stop him if that's what he wants.


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Tell him to look into a side-effect called "hypogonadism" in particular.

If the thought of his little friends shrinking away into prepubescent oblivion doesn't spook him out of it, I'm not sure what will.


Endangered Species
I would not want to tell him what he should or should not do , but you can influence his decision.

Steroids are a cheats way to gain defined muscle and more often than not it is fairly obvious to the ones who use it. He may be the biggest in the room but most will know he got to that position by illegitimate and unscrupulous means.

I did not know who Scott Steiner was but I googled him and he looks a bit of a freak. Your friend should look towards people like Pudzianowski for inspiration, he is equal in size but 5x the man. You can see the difference between forced muscle and developed muscle, the chest shape is completly different, one guy has pecks the other has hardened breasts and the lower torso is also different one is more defined whilst the other looks blown and ridgid.

You should try and peruade your friend that it is better to achieve something yourself than to take the easy route as anybody can do that. To put the effort and energy in to get ripped naturally gets my admiration. Tell him its not about the end result but the whole journey he goes through in getting there.


Sally Twit
Scare him by telling him all the bad side effects because it sounds like he needs a shock to knock some sense into him. As others have said, you can't tell him what to do and what not to do but you can try and talk some sense into him.


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The crazy thing is... He's already pretty built, and looks damn good as it is. I can only really watch his back, I guess. I just hope he's one of the few that don't get the really bad side-effects.


Son of Liberty
Reading what you've got there, I'd say you know he's already got his mind made up in terms of doing this so to me it just seems like you needed to vent the frustration.

I can completely understand. I know its a different kind of Steroids, but my dad lives with a case of Staph in his blood, when he has outbreaks sometimes the doctors will put him on a type of Steroids and wowzers you can definitely see the change. Its not easy even though we know its prescribed but my dad can go from being my normal dad to a roid raging asshole in the blink of an eye.

So I'd say just be weary of what happens when this friend of yours actually starts doing it. He's going to change, theres no way around that. I dont feel that trying the shock therapy with all the bad side effects are going to keep him from doing it. I mean if he's already got the juice and the rigs, hell he damn well may have already started it. So the thing I'd recommend is, just point out to him how much he's changing especially if he's confided in you.

Maybe deep down thats what he's asking you for, to be his regulator... to let him know when the roids have gone to far. Because I'd say that if you feel the guy is worth worrying about, chances are pretty good he feels the same about you and thats quite possibly why he felt he could confide in you.

but yeah like I said... you can try doing the "it'll shrink your balls... it'll make you mean... it'll do this that and the other". but I really dont think it'd change his mind. He seems like the kind of guy that wants results so defintely the only way to get him to stop is to give him results. Tell him, You're changing for the worse and I'm scared for you and everyone around you. Simple as that.


Registered Member
Tell him, You're changing for the worse and I'm scared for you and everyone around you. Simple as that.
^ that. if that doesnt work then he either doesnt really care about the people around him or he is so intent on gettin bigger and looking better that he is willing to sacrifice the feelings and respect of his friends and peers. at least talk to him about it.


Registered Member
Tell him to look into a side-effect called "hypogonadism" in particular.

If the thought of his little friends shrinking away into prepubescent oblivion doesn't spook him out of it, I'm not sure what will.
The mans got a point...that'd definately scare me out of it.
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