Concealed Citizens are successful 94% of the time


Son of Liberty
I was going to let it go, but I’ll try and dumb it down for you.

What you included, was when cops engage with criminals. They are shooting at each other. They are both taking cover, they are both trying not to get shot. Sometimes citizens get shot.

The argument made here was when anti gun people claim “but if you carry and shoot at an active shooter, you will hit citizens”.

In an active shooter situation, if I’m carrying, I’m not the target. The targets are random. My first reaction is to get to safety, and I’m ONLY going to shoot when I have a clear target, and the shooter isn’t focused on me. So naturally, my percentage of hitting the target is higher.

The point of the article isn’t to compare the average shooter to a cop, the point is citizens are rarely hit by the concealed carrier.

You missed the entire point of the article, and used a non sequitur. I’m not the least bit surprised.