TV Conan's New Show On TBS in November


Change the World
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hahahaha that cracked me up! Now I'm re-excited for the show, and still 2 months to go. :(

You ever have that feeling where you know you should like something, but don't? That's how I feel about Conan. He's sweet, adorable, forgiving and generally a great guy (from everything that I've seen), but even with all of that said I still can't find him funny.

I'm persistent, however, and when he comes on in November I'm going to watch. I'm going to give him a few episodes before I call it a night and start surfing the tube.... series of tubes.
Seeing as I'm a huge Conan fan, I'm going to be all over this like a fat kid on cake. I've always liked Conan, and I felt kind of bad when his run on the Tonight Show was cut short due in part to low ratings since I never remembered to watch it. But I am going to do my damnedest to make sure I watch this.