TV Conan O'Brien's New Show To Be On TBS

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Babe_Ruth, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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  2. StroShow

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    This is a good move for Conan. Financially, he's set for life from NBC and for the moment, cable TV has a brighter future. All of the broadcast networks are struggling and the audience for late-night TV is shrinking. It's highly doubtful that anyone will deliver the same kind of ratings that Leno & Letterman did at their peak when they retire. If Conan were on Fox, the affiliate stations would be pissed because they run their own local & syndicated programming after 10 pm, with the revenue going all to them. That means Conan would have had to deliver significant ratings (and as a result, ad dollars) right out of the gate in order to make it worthwhile for the network and the stations. Much like at NBC, he wouldn't be given a chance to build an audience over the long-haul. No show will anymore. So why bother...he's better off being a big fish in a small pond, especially since he can likely deliver good cable ratings immediately and will probably have more creative freedom. TBS is kind of a surprise...I would've thought FX, TNT, or USA would have been a better fit. But TBS has clearances in most of the country
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    I wonder if this means George Lopez is going to get the "Conan Treatment" and have his show bumped to a later time. :lol:

    Although I don't even know when Lopez's show is on. I just know I always see his commercials during Seinfeld reruns that I watch on TBS.
  4. Th3Pr3Tz3l

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    I won't get my Conan :(

    Well....I don't really know of TBS. Will they let him be more Conan-ey? :D

    Us Canadians better to be able to get our Conan or a war's on the horizon...
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  5. Unity

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    I'm very excited for this...I don't think broadcast has as much sway as before; look at shows like The Colbert Report on Comedy Central or The Shield on FX. Basic Cable can take on standard channels any day, and I think Conan will enjoy more freedom on a station like TBS.
  6. Sigurd

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    Yeah this is a great move for Conan to move to TBS. I hope that he does great when he returns to air in November.
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    I'm not a fan of Conan, or really any late night TV hosts to be honest. They just arent that funny to me. I had to laugh when he got the boot outta the Tonight show and I think it'll be kinda comical to see him struggle on TBS also.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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  9. Sigurd

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    That's great news that Lopez doesn't mind giving up his slot for Conan. It basically means that there won't be any issues coming up between them. I find it equally great that Conan wanted to make sure that Lopez was fine with moving to a later time slot. All and All I do think that this could be a rather great move by TBS with the addition of Conan and still keeping Lopez.
  10. Konshentz

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    Boooooo. Haha.

    Conan is funny, I loved his old show on NBC - never watched him when he took over for Leno. I think he'll do fine on TBS.

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